Tuesday, August 12, 2014

These are the days

Some times are so good. On the way home, M & I laughed and laughed about how "I tolerated you until death do us part" will be the epitaph I write on his tombstone. (Actually plaque on a Xmas tree planted on his ashes - we're planning ahead.)

And then we were joking around with the kids, and all laughing so hard. Daughter pwned dad in a pointless roundabout argument of snarkasm. Debating the sizes of our slices of cheesecake, and dad eventually admitting he got the smallest because he snoozed and losed.

Jumping out ninja attack when our son was in the bathroom, only he'd only opened the door and didn't actually come out, so we leapt out on nothingness.

And the ever popular:

therefore your argument is invalid.

These are the days worth remembering. Nothing else matters.

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