Sunday, February 23, 2014

Killing chivalry

I like this comment on Pharyngyla's blog post on Daubney and chivalry:

"I killed chivalry in my personal life in the 1960s by deciding that the first person to a door should hold it for their companions or people close behind them, the unburdened should help those laden down, and the person closest to a task should do it if physically feasible: in short, that we should act as if we were all passengers in the same leaky rowboat, travellers on the same journey, and, dammit, equals."

Yes, exactly. Feminism, or my kind of feminism, isn't about having everyone shove everyone else aside and slamming doors in their faces, it's about being considerate based on need and common-sense, not some ridiculous idea of capability by sex.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


And my heart is bumping thumping
Banging in my chest
Like a fist
On a door
And my stomach's in a twist.

It's jumping pressing
Thrusting at my ribs

Like Nicholson
In 'the Shining'
He's going to burst through
Or Alien,
Motherfucking Alien!
I'm the damn Nostromo crew!


Is. Not.