Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dog dark night

Every morning, there's a man walking a dog in the dark with a shovel on his shoulder. We couldn't help but speculate on what he's doing.

It might be he's hoping to kill the dog 'accidentally' by letting someone run over it in the dark, and then he intends to dig it a shallow grave at the roadside. He could also finish it off with a blow to the head with the shovel if it wasn't properly dead. I can relate to this one - our dog gets on my nerves.

Maybe he's out looking for road-kill. The dog is there to sniff it out in the darkness and the the shovel is for scooping up the bodies.

Or perhaps his dog has a digestive problem and does elephantine poops, and the man requires a shovel to be a responsible dog-owner.

Maybe he's on zombie alert - he has to go out to forage and walk his dog, but he's prepared for those zombies...

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