Friday, January 31, 2014


Someone wrote (on a social networking site) that "I have broken leg dreams sometimes and wake up with cramp," as if the dream is the cause of the cramp.

What are you even talking about?! Isn't it much more bloody likely that you had cramp and it was incorporated into your dream?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

It must be me that's wrong, right?

Sat on the bus, thinking "Shit, am I on the right one?" as it takes a different route than usual.

But how could it be wrong when there is only one?

Then I realise it's a new driver. At least he got around to my stop, unlike the people in between mine and the final destination of the bus.


Predictive text is stupid. When is bedrock a more likely word than bedroom, srsly?


I am open, so open
If you seem not to be looking
But catch my eye
And I snap together
Steel trap jaws
Teeth closed.

I am free, so free
And running and dancing
But catch my hand
Even to run with me
And I freeze
Motionless, I cease to be.

I am light, so light
I laugh and float
But catch my smile
And I drop like stone
Gather moss
And wait for you to go.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Today I am feeling really high-energy intellectually and emotionally. Like I would devour the world.

I know it as a transient feeling, however, and wish I knew how to maintain or recreate it at will. On the other hand, I can sometimes manage other aspects/emotions, so perhaps it is in me to hold onto this.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dog dark night

Every morning, there's a man walking a dog in the dark with a shovel on his shoulder. We couldn't help but speculate on what he's doing.

It might be he's hoping to kill the dog 'accidentally' by letting someone run over it in the dark, and then he intends to dig it a shallow grave at the roadside. He could also finish it off with a blow to the head with the shovel if it wasn't properly dead. I can relate to this one - our dog gets on my nerves.

Maybe he's out looking for road-kill. The dog is there to sniff it out in the darkness and the the shovel is for scooping up the bodies.

Or perhaps his dog has a digestive problem and does elephantine poops, and the man requires a shovel to be a responsible dog-owner.

Maybe he's on zombie alert - he has to go out to forage and walk his dog, but he's prepared for those zombies...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The push-me-pull-you dance

The push-me-pull-you dance
I can't tell if it's you
I can't tell if it's me

Are we dancing?
Are you asking?
Are you interested?
Am I asking?

Who is pushing, who is pulling?
I don't know
Should I go?

Are we dancing?
Am I asking?
Am I interested?
Are you asking?

No-one's saying,
No-one takes the chance
So on and on goes the dance

I think we're dancing
I think I'm asking
But are you interested?
And are you asking?

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Today's song

 'Same love'- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert

Friday, January 03, 2014

Let the wind blow

We went for a walk on the beach and let the wind blow through us, like a sword. Awesome!

See all those rocks? They used to be covered in sand. It's amazing just how powerful the storms have been. It's good to be home for a few days, not working at all, so afterwards I could huddle indoors with an open fire and listen to the weather rage against the windows.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Reading Record 2014

Previous annual reading records:  20132012201120102009200820072006

So, last year I read 36 books, some of which on audio. Not my biggest ever total, by any means.



How to be a woman / Caitlin Moran
Blue Monday / Nicci French
Magic Strikes / Ilona Andrews - audiobook
Army of One / BV Larson - audiobook
Bonkers / Jennifer Saunders - audiobook
The Olive Readers / Christine Aziz
Hyperbole & a Half / Allie Brosh (re-read)


The Beauty Myth / Naomi Wolf - audio-book
The Safe House / Nicci French


Never pick up Hitchhikers / Ellis Peters
On the Edge / Ilona Andrews - audiobook
A History of the World / Andrew Marr - audiobook (unfinished)


Oh Dear Sylvia / Dawn French
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty / James Thurber - audiobook


Ash / Mary Gentle
Eon / Greg Bear - audiobook (unfinished)


Mistakes Were Made (But not by Me) / Tavris & Aronson - audiobook (re-read)


Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure / Dave Gorman - audiobook
Dawn of the Dumb / Charlie Brooker
The Reformed Vampire Support Group / Catherine Jinks


Chasing the Dime / Michael Connolly
Britty Britty Bang Bang / Hugh Dennis -audiobook
Packing for Mars / Mary Roach - audiobook (unfinished)


Too Much Information / Dave Gorman - audiobook
The Atrocity Archives / Charles Stross - audiobook


The Jennifer Morgue / Charles Stross - audiobook


Never Let Me Go / Kazuo Ishiguro - audiobook
Locked In / John Scalzi - audiobook


W is for Wasted / Sue Grafton