Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Wait, what?

I came across someone complaining that atheists are constantly trying to dissuade her from her faith and another poster replied "As a Christian, I get this all the time. I don't push my beliefs on anyone beyond asking if they were interested and felt they needed it they were welcome to attend my church."

I'm not sure if this reply was serious or a pisstake. Either way, tee and indeed hee.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't like full-on thrusting a Bible into your hand and extorting you to save your soul before it's too late - but it is opening a door to a particular kind of conversation. Perhaps all the response the person wants is a 'no thank you' if it is a negative. But you don't always get your preferred response, cos people aren't psychic robots out to please you. OK, an over-zealous atheist leaping forth with 'en garde' and 'let us duel to the death with our well-trodden arguments that we've both probably heard before' may well not be what you want, but you can't in good faith say you didn't start it.

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