Monday, June 24, 2013

Laughter in inappropriate places

I was in a carpark, when I laughed aloud (I would say it was at an audio book I was listening to on my headphones, to seem less mad, but in truth - and I may as well be honest here on my very own blog as not - I was just laughing at a memory).

To my shock (not having realised anyone was around) a drunk guy on the other side of the wall shouted "What you laughing at?!" I froze, really worried. He continued angrily, "Come back here!"

I stayed still and was relieved to hear another man shout back something incomprehensible. He was wise enough to keep going rather than return as instructed. The drunk kept shouting for the other bloke to "come back here", and I stayed out of sight until they'd both departed.


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Anonymous said...

You are allowed to laugh in your own car. The drunk man was in the wrong. Sometimes I find myself talking to myself and I feel very stupid for a few seconds, Abster