Wednesday, January 30, 2013


After a while unemployed, the Other Half has got a new job. This is good news, of course.

It's going to be interesting, as this is the first time we've both had full-time jobs at the same time. It has usually been me as stay-at-home parent or working part-time, although the past year he's been at home or picking up casual p/t work when he could.

Other people do it, so juggling house-work and child-care must be possible. It looks pretty complex. Really I need to be looking to change what I'm doing as I work into the evening - and his job is likely to be 'unsociable hours' and jump around, being hospitality.

But I want a different job anyway, so it's time to start looking in earnest. My ideal would be the standard 9 to 5. Dry your eyes, Dolly - it's much maligned.

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Anonymous said...

We do it and the kids raise themselves.... You might feel perpetually guilty but it's good to have more money around the house,,,, Abster x