Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing day rant

This morning I was watching the BBC news and they were talking about the Boxing Day sales; one of their reporters was outside a Next that had opened at 6am. Blah blah, economy, blah blah, sales figures, blah blah. It was all in a congratulatory tone, as though it's super-exciting to be able to go to buy clothes at six in the blue-pencilled morning.

Apparently a lot of people would disagree with my feeling that it's a shit idea, given a crowd had been queueing since 1am.

Who does that?! If you're that hard up for bargain clothes, go down the charity shop!

All I can think about is the poor buggers who work there, who no doubt spent Christmas Eve getting the sales stuff out onto the shop floor. Then they have the joy of getting up to get the store open on Boxing Day in time for a 6am opening. That has got to suck.

Fuck you Next.

Boxing Day shouldn't be an 'exciting' shopping day, in my opinion. It's a day for playing board-games, going for family walks, eating cold turkey, playing with the things you didn't get time to play with on Xmas day. I worked this morning (I have two jobs, the morning one in retail) and it wasn't too bad as it's my normal hours. I would resent a pre-6am start hugely. Nobody needs to buy clothes at that time of the morning.

Fuck you again Next.

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