Sunday, July 22, 2012

Men don't eat yoghurt

The Perle de Lait advert is annoying.

First it's a bunch of women all amazed by 'how does she do it?'

How does she do what? They're all on a par as far as I can tell - all interchangeable. Even in ad-land, I can't see what she has that the others don't and supposedly envy her for.

Did she give them an amazing dinner that we missed seeing? Well, somehow, I doubt it when she brings out what she calls dessert... It's four pots of yoghurt on a tray. If I recall correctly, a silver tray... Blue-pencilled wow.

Perhaps it's the front of presenting plastic pots of yoghurt to people and calling it dessert that they envy.

You can't sell me plastic pots of yoghurt for afters as a glamorous, enviable lifestyle! You can try, obviously, and you have tried, makers of this advert, but you failed.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Jamie Olive-Oil

It's funny, I fear my and the other half's drinking games now reveal our ages, instead of showing how cool we are...

The Jamie Oliver drinking game, where we sup everytime he uses olive oil, says 'bad boy', 'little baby' and  wrongly uses 'literally' - well, it'll get you pissed, but it's not going to raise your street cred anytime soon.