Tuesday, June 26, 2012

But you fall within a bell curve

I have misgivings about some of Minchin's humour. I really like his song "If I didn't have you", lyrics here and youtube here. I tend to like the ones about sciencey stuff, anti-prejudice and that seem pro-feminism.

I'm not so keen on the more aggressive anti-religion ones. He sang one about the Pope at Eden, which involved a lot of swearing.

I mean, I do agree with the sentiment that if the Pope colluded in or demanded cover-ups of paedophile priests, with the moving of them from parish to parish etc, and if there was a choice to try to protect the reputation of the church over the safety of children, then yeah, all the swear-words in the world are not enough for the Pope. Those men should have been handed over to the cops and prosecuted; whether the church gave them religious succour, allowed them to repent/receive absolution whatever from behind bars wouldn't trouble me, as long as they paid their debt to society in this life - and they were kept away from the vulnerable ever after.

But some of his other songs taking the piss out of religious beliefs did make me uneasy. "What would my friend think?" I thought. And "nothing good" was the answer.

I guess Minchin treads a line that is aggressive and alienating. I don't go hand-in-hand with him over that edge.

I do like this song 'though. I wish he'd done that one.


Twizi said...

Like this one - some of his stuff is really good, I liked a lot of what he did at the Comedy Proms.. just not quite ALL of it.

Mephitis said...

Yes :).