Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bin there done that

One thing you can always count on: the kitchen bin is always full. Doesn't matter if you just emptied it, when you go back later, it's full. Usually with cat food pouches dropping out the side.


Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD said...

Simply whorizontal. Lissen to wisdom to wiseabove. You very well what you'll do in time, don't you? YOU-SHALL-CROAK... as shall I. Everyone on the face of God's-green-earth... dead. kick-the-bucket. croaked. But, yet!! O poor, poor Yorick!! It doesn't end there! O no!! While your body decomposes amid grubs and mold, your indelible soul ascends after three days to be Divinely Judged on what YOU have accomplished in your finite existence by Jesus --- So, lemme give you a heads-up to save your soul from a lengthy time in Purgatory. We wrote FOUR!! blogs which tell of the exxxcitement of Heaven; we ROTE {theeyebeam} to show a true story about sex in Heaven after we croak. C'mon, people. The Liar's a deceiver: absolutely no sex in Hell amid the flames, yet, puh-lenty of sex Upstairs for the length and breadth of eternity. God bless you. Meet me Upstairs.

Mephitis said...

I like this comment.

It's possibly the loopiest comment I've ever had on my blog, and as such is full of win. :) I will not follow my usual policy (which would be to delete), but rather shall hug it to myself and keep it and love it, for it is my squishie.