Saturday, March 03, 2012

Reading Record 2012

Ah the annual reading record. It went to pot last year, forgot to write it, didn't make time to read as much, but that was 2011. Ha. It is gone, forgotten. I'm so over 2011.

We are already into the second month of 2012, which as yet another year on this planet #sigh# started out pretty crappily, but hopefully will improve...

So what you been reading, (you demand ungrammatically)?


Snuff /Terry Pratchett - re-read
Alias Grace / Margaret Atwood
Dave Gorman vs the World / Dave Gorman - re-read
The Quiet Gentleman / Georgette Heyer - re-read
Bath Tangle / Georgette Heyer - re-read


The Nonesuch / Georgette Heyer - re-read
Pistols for Two / Georgette Heyer - re-read
The Grand Sophy / Georgette Heyer - re-read
Jezebel / Eleanor de Jong
Paradise News / David Lodge
Gather Together in My Name / Maya Angelou
Singin' and Swingin' and Gettin' Merry like Christmas / Maya Angelou


The Heart of a Woman / Maya Angelou
It's Different for Girls / Jo Brand
The Captain and the Enemy / Graham Greene
The Devil's Doctor: Paracelsus and the World of Renaissance Magic and Science / Philip Ball - abandoned half-way
Arabella / Georgette Heyer - re-read
Powder & Patch / Georgette Heyer - re-read


The Foundling / Georgette Heyer - re-read
Lady of Quality / Georgette Heyer - re-read
The Masqueraders / Georgette Heyer - re-read
Lorna Doone / Richard Doddridge Blackmore
The Unlimited Dream Company / JG Ballard
War Fever / JG Ballard
These Old Shades / Georgette Heyer - re-read
Sprig Muslin / Georgette Heyer - re-read
Sylvester / Georgette Heyer - re-read
The Sewing Book - Alison Smith


A Convenient Marriage / Georgette Heyer - re-read
Anansi Boys / Neil Gaiman - re-read
American Gods / Neil Gaiman - re-read
Frost Dancers / Garry Kilworth
1984 / George Orwell


Leviathan / Paul Auster -re-read
The Black Moth / Georgette Heyer -re-read
Stiff / Mary Roach - re-read


Northanger Abbey / Jane Austen
MiddleMarch / George Elliot


The Moon is a Harsh Mistress / Heinlein - re-read
Biggles Hits the Trail / WE Johns - re-read


Theodore Boone / John Grisham
Theodore Boone - The Abduction / John Grisham
Exiles in Asperus / John Wyndham
Neverwhere / Neil Gaiman - re-read


Red Mars / Kim Stanley Robinson (re-read)
Dodger / Terry Pratchett

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