Friday, December 16, 2011

And that's why she dumped me...

I was really enjoying Dave's One Night Stand with Stephen K Amos. Zoe Lyons made us both laugh a lot.

The second of the support acts was Joe Rowntree. He was alright .. and then he did a joke about how sperm has anti-depressants in it, and no wonder his girlfriend looks a bit down when he pulls out and ejaculates on her face.

It's been bugging me ever since.

It feels like hate*.

When you have consent for one sexual act, you don't automatically have consent for all sexual acts. This is basically like the 'joke' that rape is 'surprise sex'. I don't know, I just feel sick that it's supposedly funny to perform a non-consensual sex act on someone and their shock or upset about it is part of the funniness. Her enjoyment or lack of it is irrelevant compared with what he wants to do, within the joke.

Now Dave is a channel that mainly shows 'blokey' humour shows from endless repeats of Top Gear to Mock the Week, so you may argue that this is just an 'edgy' example of the same thing and what do you expect anyway? And it's just a joke, and Joe Rowntree probably treats his girfriend (if any) with utmost respect**. And comedy can be cruel and just turn it off if you don't like it, etc etc.

I just find it truly depressing that blokey humour apparently equals variations on rape jokes. It feels like hate. And he's a good-looking, intelligent young man, which makes it worse. If he was some old Jim Davidson it wouldn't bother me half as much.

So I really wish he hadn't done his so-called joke, or that he had ended it with himself getting properly dumped.

On the bright side, the Other Half didn't laugh either.

* Not on my part, on his part.
** Unless within pre-agreed limits, during consensual role-play in the bedroom.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

What makes a puke-athon

I really hate One Direction's song 'What makes you beautiful'.

It's all poppy and catchy and has these stupid stuttery bits where the word 'eyes' (for example) becomes three or four syllables - and that's part of it, but that's not it.

It's basically about a young woman who seems to have zero self-esteem, and you know, that's what he* likes about her. She won't meet his eyes, she's insecure, she doesn't realise how attractive she is.

He really really likes her appearance - the way she flips her hair - and he wants her desperately. But he's no clue what she's like as a person, as I doubt she can get a sentence out.

If she ever gets a healthy sense of her own identity, I hope she'll dump his shallow arse.

* the protagonist of the song