Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I was thinking about the things (memories/tastes) that a person can give you in life, some of them are small and some of them are large. Some of it good and some of it not so much.

Someone important in my early life died recently and I have a sort of collage in my head of what he meant to me. The trivial and upbeat of which I will be sharing.

A minor interest in keeping coldwater fish, a repulsion from eating fish (or indeed any seafood ever), a love of the 'World's Strongest Man' and the music of Johnny Cash.

And finally a rainbow. On the evening I drove away from the hospital there was this fantastic, vivid, perfect semi-circular rainbow. The best I've ever seen. I drove away wondering if it was the last time I'd see him and if I'd always now think about him in connection to rainbows. I don't know whether the latter is true, but the former was, it was the last time.

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ellie said...

Good idea, my sister had just lost someone and they didn't want a funeral so she's feeling a bit at a loss about how to say 'goodbye'. I think I might suggest a mental collage to her.

Oh, and I can't stand to eat fish either - I looked at the goldfish bowl one day when I was 5 and having fish for tea and that was that. I live in a fishing port and can't stand fish, there's an irony.