Saturday, April 30, 2011

In which I'm royally indifferent

It was jolly nice to have the children home an extra day, so we went out cycling and doing various things. I had a crisis of confidence in the morning when an opportunity to socialise cropped up unexpectedly, but we headed out early and I just kept moving until we fetched up at the gathering. No time to think, meant no time to chicken out.

People in general seem surprised or that I'm making some kind of point about the Royal Wedding by not having seen any of the footage thus far, but I just have zero interest in it.

I heard a bit about it on the radio in the car, and people were talking about it, and it was all over messageboards & FB, so I know it went on, but it never even occurred to me to watch it.

I don't know why this apparently means I'm a killjoy. Me not watching it doesn't mean I have a low opinion of those who did, or that I'm trying to strangle people's enjoyment, or that I'm making a political statement, or that I'm an inverted snob or something. It just never crossed my tiny mind to watch it.


Ah well, add it to the list...


ellie said...

I was quite indifferent too, I think a lot of us were - particularly the further away from London we are. I glanced up a few times when I was ironing, went out for a pub lunch - again glanced at the telly a few times (much like the other people nearby). It didn't give me a thrill particularly - it didn't define my Britishness the way some people obviously feel it did.

American & Canadian friends have been far more excited by it, I think they find my apathy a bit weird, but I can't fake excitement just to join in.

Anonymous said...

We watched the whole thing and put a Union Jack on the front door, went in for some very regal "Bullshit Bingo" to make the commentary into a fun game all the children could play... guess it only happens once a generation and I have very happy memories of a party for the last one in 1981 which I was trying to recreate. But I totally understand people who aren't into it. Abster