Saturday, March 05, 2011


Everything's looking up - sunshine two days in a row. I can't help but feel lighter and happier.

Nothing's actually changed, except the lighting, but I could spring somersaults across the lawn.

... If I could spring somersaults. I don't think I have the strength in my arms and I never could do cart-wheels and all that. I could possibly do a rolly-poly. Or definitely do a telly-tubby roll. That'd be funnier.

... And not across my lawn as it's full of lumps and guinea pig poo, but maybe across someone else's lawn.

... I can't think of a friend or family member who has a nice roll-worthy lawn. All full of dog doings or works in progress, or too small to really get up speed.

I might go to the local country park/stately home and roll across their lawns.

There, that's my plan.


ellie said...

It's nice to see the sun again :-)

Mephitis said...

It is :D.