Friday, March 11, 2011

Irrational irritant

OK, this is bound to alienate people who use this expression, and everyone uses this expression, and I know I'm unreasonable and possibly demented, but the phrase "save some pennies" just gets on my nerves.

It's nails over blackboard, it's little unidentifiable floaty things in my drink.

I'm hoping if I just express my irrational frustration with this silliest of trivial matters, it will alleviate the repressed rage.

RAAAAAAAAARGH! Just say money! Money! MONEY! It'll save me some pennies, nnnnnnnngh. Cash, dough, rhino, dosh, (no, not dosh, that annoys me too), moolah, spondulicks (no, no, no), nicker, bob...

Alright, I'm done. And even if you do say this, I still like you. (Well, if I liked you before you said it.)


ellie said...

I have abottle in the corner of the room with small metal coins in.

I'm saying no more :-x

Anonymous said...

I hate "Every little helps!" and also the advert with the people slapping their arses of their jeans to hear the tinkle of change. As if anyone does that. Tschhhh. Both adverts of heartless capitalist scumbags who are the kind of shops pushing all the small town shops to the wall. Harrumph. Abster x

Mephitis said...

:D I also have such a bottle.

Quite so, Abs. Not to mention those jeans are usually far too tight for any sort of jingling. It's all a lie!