Friday, January 21, 2011


I've really lost my bloggeration lately. I think it's due to January. January has a lot to answer for.

It might also be due to excessive product reviewing.

I'm about written out once I've reviewed a few things and rated other reviews and all that. It looks like I've earned a £20 voucher, though, so I'm about to go claim that one!


ellie said...

I haven't tried 'DooYoo' before, I did 'Ciao' a few years back.

Would you say it took you long to get to £20?

Mephitis said...
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ellie said...

Not bad going, good process time for the voucher too.

I do a couple of survey sites, don't know if you do those or are interested. Valued opinions I find good, also Yougov.

Mephitis said...

I do YouGov and also OnePoll, which does lots of little surveys for small amounts. I haven't yet got to pay-out stage with OnePoll, but I like the multiple short and sweet surveys they do. I have had one pay-out from YouGov in about 2 years - I've found it's very slow-going with them :).

I think I tried ValuedOpinions but I kept getting surveys where it would ask a load of questions and *then* screen me out, which really annoyed me.

ellie said...

Me again :-) Yes, Yougov is a slow one - it took me 2 years for my first £50, and 2 years later I'm still not up to my next £50. Not sure if it's just my experience, but they seem to be doing more 50p ones than £1 like they did. No screen-outs though.

On Valued Opinions I get £10 every 6 weeks or so (Amazon voucher credit is instant), screen-outs are annoying if they are late on though. I'll check out Onepoll thanks. I used to do Toluna but found they didn't credit all my survey points and so left, would advise avoiding them because of that.

Mephitis said...

Maybe I should give Valued Opinions another go, sounds good.

ellie said...

I sound like I'm pushing them, but seriously if you've got a bit of time to spare I do recommend them.