Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good news? Jailed for 'false retraction': part 2

The Grauniad reports that the woman who was jailed for falsely retracting rape allegations has been released from jail. This is great news, but it's ridiculous and obscene that she's ever been anywhere near a jail cell. The judge, er, Lord Judge, judged that the judiciary* have a duty of "compassion for a woman who has already been victimised" and appears to accept that she has been in an abusive relationship for nine years.

So she's got a community service and supervision order instead. Argh. Head-desk. Criminal record and still being punished, albeit differently and less harshly.

While her estranged husband failed to give the children of the marriage into the custody of her sister as agreed while she was in jail.

* Theres a whole lot of 'judging' going on in this sentence.

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