Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And your Royal correspondent reports...

I think it was quite a canny move on William Windsor's* part to give fiancée Kate Middleton his mother's engagement ring. Spending a whole crapload of money on a new ring would have fuelled antagonism in these times of cut-cut-cut by the ConDems. And the sentimentality of remembering his mother through it plays well with those that kind of thing plays well to.

Of course, I'm being unduly cynical on the latter part and I don't mean it.

I do appreciate the not flashing the cash tho (beyond having access to a big old sapphire ring to give in the first place, haha), good move.

* Or his advisors.


ellie said...

I'm sure they'll just have a quiet do at his granny's place ;-)

Mephitis said...

Yes, and their honeymoon can be a cycling tour of her castles :D.