Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pink things

PC World are on my faeces-list this evening.

Their new tv advert has high-end lap-top and nice chap in character of a student explaining his need for serious techy power for his studies... Oh - and if his girlfriend wants to go on the net, there's this little net-book.

There there, pat you on the head, it's pink! And you don't need all that nasty-schmasty technical information about it - it's pink! Ooooooooh. Shiny. Pink. Shiny. Pink. Shiny. Pink! Shiny!*

Cos that's all we need, us women, pinkness. What the thing can actually do is irrelevant.

* I'm selling it to myself here, haha.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's annoying. I find the Mikado advert horrifying. Japanese secretary type photocopying her own arse by accident. That's like creepy Japanese humour???? Horrible. And there's the WKD advert on billboards saying "A better colour than a footballer's wife and tastier." Like footballers wives are commodities to be objectified. They're just people! Just women married to footballers! They have terrible insecure and lonely lives with their husbands being preyed upon in clubs. Okay so they're rich but money can't buy them happiness. I think they deserve sympathy, not objectification. Abster.

Mephitis said...

I hate hate hate that Mikado advert! :) It's vomitous.

I haven't seen the WKD thing, but they do seem to play into the laddishness thing that Lynx & such do, and it's gross. And it's not only degrading to women, but what the poo does it say about men?!

ellie said...

Is my memory playing tricks but was there a time when pink was just another colour? Okay, definitely a feminine colour, but not a branded 'it's for girlies' marketing thing.

When my son first started going into toy shops I was alarmed by the fact half the shop would be glowing with bright pink boxes presumably just so we'd know these were the 'girls toys' - duh. I can't recall the over-use of pink like that when I was little.

I can't say I even like pink that much.