Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Literary me

I tried that 'I write like' internet site that is currently all over the blogosphere.

First time, I came out as William Shakespeare. Haha. 2nd time, Kurt Vonnegut. 3rd time, Harry Harrison. Then David Foster Wallace, Cory Doctorow and James Joyce. All from different posts. I'm nothing if not thorough.

It just goes to show that frivolous internet tools are frivolous internet tools.


Anonymous said...

I can never get frivolous internet tools to work at all, they ask me to tell a thousand friends first before you get to the good stuff. So I say harrumph to that! I like your "Symbol of Bum" blog, it's funny! Abster x

Ellie said...

Ha! I came out as Dan Brown... :-(

Mephitis said...

Oh no, Ellie! :D It's a lot of old nonsense.

Haha, Abs, the 'Symbol of Bum' stuff makes me laugh, glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

Hehe I'm Margaret Atwood or Lewis Carroll! Twizi x