Thursday, May 06, 2010

Marking your card

It's election day. That box was marked earlier today, and I'm now watching the Channel 4 alternative election night.

I liked this article at the F-Word, pointing out the struggle women had to get the vote and what we owe the suffragettes. Some people responded to this saying that they didn't think the suffragettes would want women to be guilted into voting.

I disagree quite strongly. Those women were not wilting wallflowers of touchy-feely-do-as-you-please-dom, they were women of conscience and principle and fire. I don't think for a second they'd be happy with voter apathy.

Apathy stinks. It's what let vocal minorities like the BNP get a seat in the Euro election - bigots and fanatics will turn out to vote, while the disaffected and disinterested stay home. If you've a BNP candidate in your area, it's your duty to turn out and vote if only to keep them out. If you don't, you should still turn out and if you really can't stand any of the parties or have an opinion on any of them, then spoil your paper. It's a valid protest and unlike staying home not-voting, shows your disapproval.

Voter apathy suits most of the politicians just fine, and is just taken as people not giving a toss or happy with the status quo.

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