Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ghastly FaceBook memes, cubed

"The police are going around pubs and clubs sayin wecant wear our England tops for the footie and gotta take flags down asit's
upsettin the people that dont come from here. Now im not racist but
this is taking the piss.This is our country and we needto make a stand and if you or they dont like it Fxxk off, Would they remove thier turban/burkha cos it upset us?.......exactly.REPOSTif ya agree x"

#Update: 27/05/10# There are reports that a fake cop has been telling people they can't wear their England tops in Worksop.

Back to the original post:

Bleurgh, vomit, bleurgh, vomit, bleurgh again.

If you have to say "I'm not racist but" at the beginning of a sentence, it's a pretty good indicator you're about to say something racist. Which, you know, is a pretty good indicator in its turn that you're a big fat racist.

I heard on local radio (Pirate FM), a Cornish spokesman of some sort complaining about all the England flags, being upsetting to Cornish people. (We have a small movement who want devolution here).

I've seen people worry that the flag has been co-opted by the BNP and therefore says something unpleasant about those displaying it.

And there are stories in the Daily M@!l about the police suggesting it's undiplomatic to cover your car in England flags or wear England regalia in Wales.

But funnily enough nothing, zero, nada about Muslims or Sikhs complaining, (and I'm absolutely sure the M@!l would love to publish such a story in screaming detail).

I don't know when burkhas and turbans became Welsh national dress. It's been a bit of a surprise to me, that. [/sarcasm]


Edited to add: Apparently, one of the hydra head's of this story arose about the town of Boston, but Lincolnshire police say it's a load of old toss anyway. It never had anything whatsoever to do with Muslims or Sikhs.

You who love your England shirts and flags and jumped to the conclusion that a. this status message meme is true and b. it's all about minorities trying to stop you having fun, should catch yourselves on.

The only reason pubs ever ban sportswear and caps, is because of the stupid dickwads who get lairy and violent if their team is losing, (or winning for that matter). I've been a landlady and we had a sportswear ban for that very reason.


Anonymous said...

I never see these things - I say unfriend the person who is posting them. I unfriend people when they post blasphemous anti-religious stuff. I don't know if they're expressly looking to offend me, and I don't care, I just unfriend them and ask questions later. I have a one strike policy, I'm well hard, hehe. You should do the same thing and if they ask why, just say I didn't like the stuff you posted, seems fair enough. Look up "Failbook, too funny to unfriend" for some laughs about this sort of thing. Abster x

Mephitis said...

I did unfriend this person. Thanks for Failbook, very funny :D.

ellie said...

I'm old enough to remember when world cups did not automatically mean the St Georges cross printed on every blimmin' thing you can imagine. I even saw it on a pack of babies dummies!

I'm also old enough to remember when grown men did not wear football tops unless (wait for it) they were actually playing football. Must stop now because I sound (and feel) old.

Mephitis said...

Yes, the commercialisation of it all has gone into overdrive. :0

Anonymous said...

I do get fed up with all this hooha - one of the local Borough Councils decided that the English flag couldn't be displayed on St George's Day yet it was ok to have the Pakistani flag displayed, and that fireworks, loud music and partying can go on till 6am for Diwali but for New Year you'll be lucky to get away with fireworks after midnight and only 11pm for Fireworks night. Now I really don't care, I like fireworks but if the party goes on and is loud enough to keep my kids awake then I feel I have the right to say "oi turn it down my kids are trying to sleep". It's all about consideration and common sense. Twizi x