Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We're having a smashing time of late.

One water-pistol dropped and cracked, thrown away.
One water-gun dropped and cracked, leaks but still usable.
One child's bicycle seat, ridden by too-big child who should have known better, broken, needs replacement.
One broom, stood on, needs new handle.
One inflatable dinghy, seam gave way, unable to be repaired.
One child's digital camera, stopped working for unknown reason.
One zip to plastic greenhouse, broken.
One zip to child's rucksack, broken.
One zip to child's lunchbox, broken.
Entrance area of trampoline, due to age/wear & tear, ripped.
One seat of swing, due to age/wear & tear, cracked.


ellie said...

Those plastic greenhouse cover zips are terrible - ours keeps trying to part company with the cover. A few stitches have (sort of) fixed it.

Mephitis said...

This is our second cover #sigh#. The first that came with it ripped away from the zip like yours, this one the zipper broke. One side still works, so I've just safety pinned the other.