Monday, April 19, 2010


I watched Twilight: New Moon t'other day. I've heard a lot (bad) about the Stephanie Meyer books, but haven't read them, but I did quite enjoy the first movie.

The second one tho was very slow, chock-ful of teenage angst (I know, it's supposed to be like that) and urgh, the gender roles are hideous. Bella just pines and flounces, while her menfolk are controlling and paternalistic: she falls off a motorbike once and it's "no more bikes" from Jake and she accepts it.

And all Edward does whenever he appears to her is tell her not to do things. A big fat fuck off would be a better response than 'ahhh, Edward, swoon, he's so controlling.'


I'd criticise it some more, but I haven't the energy.

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