Friday, March 19, 2010

Virgin' on pleasing me

For once, I quite liked a photo article on the VirginMedia news page: Is pop music the most sexist industry around?

With this type of article, it's usually an excuse to show lots of women wearing very little to say 'look look, this is sexist, how degrading, let me show you some more tits&arse so you know what we're talking about!' (especially with the M@!l, hawk, spit) but actually ... the first three are of men. 6 & 7 show women's faces reasonably close-up (as people rather than just bodies). 10 shows Blondie as a group, all fully dressed & Deborah Harry in similar garb to the rest of them.

The remainder of the pictures seem relatively connected to the part of the story they're talking about, so it's not as bad as it could be. And the singers featured in three of the four remaining pictures are actually shown doing their job, ie. singing. The 9th picture doesn't, but it is about magazine covers.

Yes, it pleased me overall. I just wish it had ended more positively instead of with the rather back-tracking conclusion: "Sex sells, and it always will…" Oh well, let's shrug our shoulders and go home then.

No, actually let's place some value-judgement on it and try to change things.

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