Monday, March 08, 2010

Dave Gorman on stage

I went to see Dave Gorman's stand-up show last week and it was excellent.

Gorman seems to really enjoy performing. He says a few times he enjoys some of his show more than the audience and while I'm not sure that's true (I'd say we all seemed to be having a great time) he certainly seems to relish his time on stage. It was infectious.

It was a well-crafted and structured performance. I think the first half was stronger than the second, but laughed a lot throughout, nearly crying at one point. Gorman comes off as very likeable and I'd go to another of his shows.

I may even buy one of his books one of these days, if I get book tokens for my birthday or Christmas.

Plymouth Pavilions is a nice enough venue. We found parking alright in its carpark and husband got served quickly in the bar. We were allowed to take drinks into the seating area, which we didn't realise initially. We had good seats close to the stage so had excellent view of Dave, rather better than when we went to see Eddie Izzard at Bournemouth and we were about half a mile back! The seats were quite hard 'though and we had numb bums by the end. I found it impossible to get served during the interval as I had evidently become invisible, so I would happily pay for the red-headed barmaid to get an eye-test. But I'm not bitter!

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