Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cat-napping with Whiskas

The new Whiskas advert has a woman whose cat 'brings friends round' (ie. a neighbour's cat) cos the food is so good. Cats being territorial it seems a pretty unlikely premise, but what's more, she's feeding someone else's cat, which is basically attempted cat-theft. She's trying to lure it into her house not caring what the neighbours might like.

What does she want it for? To make earmuffs out of it? What if it splits loyalty and starts getting fed at both homes and becomes a giant bloater? Is she going to pay the vet bills for its diabetes?! What if it moves out of its owner's home and in with her? What if it's a pedigree puddy they paid a lot for, or if they have children that love it, or just they love it? What if that cat is overweight or on a special diet or under the vet, eh? Hmm? What about that?! She just isn't thinking.

She is a bad neighbour. Cat-napper.


Anonymous said...

Thank god someone else has seen the issues with this ad - it makes me sooooo mad every time I see it and yet so many people think it is funny and cute. We 'lost' our cat for 3 days over xmas - very distressing, out searching etc, kids upset, only to find that a lady round the road had taken her in and fed her. Ahhhhh!

Mephitis said...

Yeah, cats aren't the most loyal of creatures. I think people should be sure it's a stray they're befriending rather than a promenading family pet.

Mephitis said...

Losing yours, over Christmas especially, must have been upsetting.