Friday, February 26, 2010

None, thanks for asking

It tickles my mischief gland that we have been invited to submit our opinions on the appointment of a new local parish priest. A slip came through the door asking for community input into the matter. It carefully states anonymous contributions won't be considered, which forethought pleases me.

Haha. 'Don't bother' is the obvious response that I feel I could get behind, while suggestions for a nice progressive female one tempt me*.

I suppose they have to ask everyone local, even those who never darken their doors, in case they're lazy Christians rather than non. Christian is still the default setting here.

I presume that active, attending parishioners' opinions will have rather more weight than the others who might be swept up in their net, crazy with potential-priest-picking-power.

* Clearly I won't reply at all, it's just amusing to me to be asked.

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