Friday, February 12, 2010

Is it two minutes?

For a long time I wanted a timer for the kids to clean their teeth, as every evening we have the same: as soon as bristle meets enamel it's "Is it two minutes yet?" on a loop.
"Is it two minutes now?"
"No, you've only just started."
"Is it two minutes?"
"No, you've only just asked - and actually brush your teeth, don't just hold it in your mouth."
"Is it two minutes noooow?"
"Is it two minutes?"
"It'll take longer if you keep asking instead of brushing."
And so on and so on until I drop through a vortex into hades.

It was a vague want that was crystallised when a friend showed me her children's ones, which were quite nice: wooden characters with little hourglasses you turn over. I never actually got round to going to the shop where she bought them 'though, and was quite glad I hadn't when the Brownies sent daughter home with a free one.

But you know, it was only a couple of weeks on, when we were back to "Is it two minutes yet?" They much prefer asking me, as though I am a human watch. Tick tock.

More like a time bomb, haha.

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