Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Oh and the Pope can bog off. Oh dear, my right to treat people unfairly's being infringed upon!

"Archbishop Vincent Nichols, head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "I think (the Pope's) words will find an echo in many in our country who are uneasy that perhaps one of the unintended consequences of recent legislation is to drive religious belief and practice into the sphere of the private only.""

I think it does belong in private.


ellie said...

Completely agree - why do they not 'get' that no one is telling them what they can and can't believe? They are simply being asked to obey employment law like any other employer should.

And don't get me started on state funded faith schools.

Mephitis said...

I don't get what their problem is. Sigh.