Thursday, February 18, 2010


I very much enjoyed my second Christopher Brookmyre, Snowball in Hell. It was seriously in danger of becoming more a rant against reality tv and the Littlejohns/Clarksons of life to begin with, but the story managed to reassert itself. I liked the baddie more than I should have, and the goodies not as much, but it was an enjoyable read and he's an author I will continue to seek out.

I Am Legend was much better than the Will Smith film. Or at least I think so, I can't recall the film very well, despite knowing we watched it. I may have fallen asleep? Notwithstanding, I kept seeing protagonist, Neville, as Smith anyway, despite the book's description. Fascinating combination of vampire fantasy/science-fiction and despite being written in the '70s, it didn't seem particularly dated.

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