Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Anything I can do

Today I am trying to think of things that I am good at. This ought to be a positive exercise, but I have a feeling I'm going to come up short.

OK, I can read books (I know, I'm starting off with the very basic and self-evident!): I read fast and hopefully have good reading comprehension.
I can write using decent grammar and spelling. I can be quite lazy here and informally, but can write comprehensible sentences if I so choose.
I type with reasonable speed, but can't touch-type.
I can draw and paint ok, but nothing amazing.
I can sew and machine sew adequately, but not beautifully.
I can cook: nine times out of ten it's passable to good.
I can ride and drive horses, but haven't for years.
I can knock up a small table or an animal run, but it's not going to win any aesthetic prizes.

I can be annoyed with Matthew Wright when he offers me the choice between Tiger Woods and John Terry (man who is serial cheat or man who cheats with wife's best friend)... Hmm Matthew, how about neither!
I can be distracted by the tv.

I can problem-solve and bodge.
I can swim, but averagely.
I can cycle, but have trouble with the gears.
I can garden a bit, but tend to get bored halfway through the year.
I can do a bit of DIY and interior decoration.
I can chop wood and light fires.

Hmm, a bit weary of this for the moment, but I may return to this post.

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