Monday, January 18, 2010

Good for a young Vogon

Oh the mindboggling tedium. I've spent the evening (after watching Being Human on tv) clicking through my usual haunts on the internet, and being thoroughly disinterested in it all. I need a new site or to switch off my computer and do something more interesting instead. The latter is probably best.

I flicked through some tv channels and found Celebrity Big Brother, which is watching some person sleep up to their hairline in duvet. Who watches that? I mean the eviction shows and round-up shows I can sort of understand, but the live streaming I don't get at all.

The next book is definitely calling me.

Today I finished Baggage by Janet Street Porter, an account of her childhood and teens. The tone of the book very much fit with her personality (as seen on tv), her voice very clear. It was funny and at times abrasive and unsympathetic: she seems to pull few punches. I'd be interested to read more about her, find out whether she has softened at all in her attitude to her family (or anything) over the years. Sometimes it read a bit like a list of famous/talented people she has met, but I guess it's part of her life that would look like name-dropping however she wrote it, so barefacedly is as good a way as any.

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