Saturday, January 02, 2010


I really like LibraryThing at the moment and am interested in their groups which suggest reading challenges for the year: things like reading 100, 75 or 50 books in a year, and choosing categories and reading a set amount in those categories.

I may well indulge in the 75 book challenge: in previous years (that I've recorded) I've varied between 50 or so to last year's 80-odd (which I did comfortably, but a lot were quick reads). I don't want to set myself something to fail at, because I'm attracted to the categories as well and I suspect those may slow me down.

I think I'd probably do biographies/autobiographies, non-fiction, new-to-me authors, non-western authors, classics... After that I'm not sure. You can do random things like books with a colour in the title. I'm tempted to do something eccentric like allocating a number to each of the sections in the library, pulling a number out of a hat and picking the middle book out of the middle shelf or something.

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