Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, it's a new year and I feel fairly optimistic about my life. Hope you are too.

I read 81 books last year, according to my reading record, so that's pretty good. The vast majority were fiction and quite a few were re-reads.

New author to me and one I'll go for again is Christopher Brookmyre. The nadir was unquestionably Left Behind in fiction, with Dawkins Delusion taking the non-fiction raspberry, while Unspeak and Age of Wonders were the best non-fiction. Neverwhere was the best fiction, I think.

The best night out I had was seeing Eddie Izzard live in Bournemouth. Getting to go over to NI for the first time in years was the best (and only) family holiday away. Getting some time with old friends was fabby. Camping for the first time on my own with the children was hard work but fun.

Best present for me was the laptop. Best for daughter a mobile phone. I know, I didn't think it was a good idea, either, but she absolutely loves it and I suppose it means she can go to the park with her mates without me worrying too much.

Worst present was buying tickets for Elton John for mum and then him getting ill and cancelling, selfish git.

Other worst present, for the boy, is a transformer. It ought to be just the ticket, but it's impossible to transform back into a car. It's like a rubik's cube cubed!

Proud mummy moments include the school productions the children appeared in, daughter being put on the gifted and talented list and hurtling down a ski-slope when others wimped out plus son doing well with his maths & spellings and keeping on going despite everyone outstripping him at sportsday. Yay.

A fair amount of negative things happened and I miss my Gran, but there we go. 2009 is done with and 2010 is virgin territory. Let the adventure begin! (With all due cheesiness.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on Christopher Brookmyre. He did a great book about kids at a Scottish primary school in the 80s and how some words mark you out as being a little kid and you stop using them as you get older... it brought it all back and made me wonder how on earth he researched it. Unless he had a very intricately recorded personal diary of the time. Read it today! Abster x