Monday, November 02, 2009


I had a most pleasant hallowe'en, not having expected to enjoy it at all. But it worked out nicely.

Daughter was dying to go trick-or-treating, but I couldn't see it working in the village. Then son was invited to a hallowe'en party, (she was invited too), but because of the demographic of the party-goers (small boys) she didn't fancy it. I'd also agreed to do face-painting that afternoon, so that was a time constraint, and I was worried about inviting her friend over (it was our turn) only to have them running around at the venue while obviously I couldn't supervise them properly. It was all a bit hmm and a bit haw.

I was at a loss until she was invited by her friend to go trick-or-treating from theirs. Yay.

The face-painting went well and I was pretty happy with how my faces turned out. And everyone who had 'em done was complimentary.

The children's party held by a friend was fun for me as well as son. Loads of people came to their door trick-or-treating and there were some fantastic costumes: one was an amazing paper pumpkin head, which actually lit up. I wish I'd taken a picture.

Everything meshed well with timings so it wasn't this horrible stress of rushing about everywhere, despite having to go here and there for dropping off and all that. Ah, t'was good.

I was most bemused by this article when I got time to myself for internet trawling. Okaaay. Apparently hallowe'en's all abominations and curses, very exciting, very old testament... I have to admit to some concern over revel nights being so very wrong. The coffee ones taste good.

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Anonymous said...

"That article", groan, where to start. She seems to think that it's all about devil worship and that people can be subject to demonic power merely by participating in fun events. I think she believes in dualism, ie that God and the devil are equally matched, and this is not biblical. God is in charge. A child will not become a devil worshipper merely by carving a lantern. It takes a lot more work than that. She also seems to underestimate the intelligence of any children she might know. I can't believe she has a downer on bonfires. Her celebration of religious festivals must be terribly grey and boring. Most of our best festivals were nicked off the pagans. And a good thing too, I say. Abster x