Monday, September 07, 2009

Alas poor OS

After just over two weeks offline due to the death of our operating system, I feel a tiny bit pleased to be back online. Just a smidge.

I do think it was probably good for me to be forced to abandon my Lexulous games, and now that my computer has to have everything reinstalled, it might be better not to add that which allows me to play it.

It was amazing how many times I had to stop and work out another way of doing things when I'd usually go straight to the pc. I use it for banking and bills, for looking up trivia, for checking and comparing news, for contacting people, for work and volunteering times, for finding places I'm travelling to, for recipes, shopping, all sorts really; it was an incredible pain in the arse not being able to just nip online and do all that stuff. And things would pop into my head that I'd like to blog.

I discovered that my phone can fit about 130 pictures on it before it's filled: I'd never tested its capacity so far before. I discovered that the only thing I cared about that we might have lost on the pc were the photos and most particularly the last one of my gran when we took her out to Lanhydrock shortly before she died. I was delighted that we got them all back and I'm going to be spending the next few days catching up on backing up all those photos of which I spent my time bemoaning the potential loss.


Anonymous said...

Write a diary! That's good for bits of flora and fauna and the "fancy that"s of everyday life. Abster x

ellie said...

Re the photos - I thought I'd lost all my photos a couple of years back, it's an awful feeling.
These days I upload the important ones onto the website I order my prints with, they don't charge and it's private. As long as my PC doesn't crash the same time as theirs I'll be ok.

Mephitis said...

What I like about blogging is that I can zap it out of existence or edit my posts on a whim, whereas a diary would get messy. I like the 'floating about in the ether'-ness of this medium.

I'm backing up my photos on a site like that and doing CDs of 'em. The annoying thing was that I did regularly back them all up up until a few months back, and then let it slide. Still, no harm done in the end. :)