Monday, July 06, 2009

D.V and the Little Shit

T'other night husband went out drinking and afterwards went to have the obligatory kebab. Outside, as he stuffed his face with this goodly nourishment, he observed a young man of 18 or so (henceforth known as The Little Shit or TLS) call over his girlfriend of 16 or so, counting down "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, come here you stupid slut" and when she did, slap her around. This was rinse cycle repeated until her friends managed to lead her away.

TLS saw husband and snarled the cliché, "What you looking at?"
Husband responded: "You being a LS to your girlfriend."

Husband took off his belt and wrapped it around his hand. TLS seemed to have second thoughts about his inquiry. Husband suggested a course of treating the girlfriend with dignity and respect. TLS shat himself and withdrew.

Pretty much end of episode.

I only wish it would make a difference. I think it is good that husband called TLS out on his behaviour, although obviously I'm a bit anxious about him potentially getting into fights. It would've been better if he'd called the police and had TLS arrested. But anyway, no point in second guessing it all now.

It's just so depressing that this young pair are already in that cycle of domestic violence. It was their youth that got to husband most, thinking about our daughter growing up. I hope the girl gets out of the relationship before it does her much more harm.


Anonymous said...

That's sad. About the behaviour.

I read More Magazine in the gym recently. It was an article about how women can get men to do what they want without the men feeling nagged (bless!! Poor men!) It included, in all seriousness, the problem of the boyfriend grabbing the girl's head and shoving it in his crotch as his way of asking for a blow-job. So there was advice along the lines, "Don't nag him, just say that you love that he wants to get sexual but perhaps he could ask in words and say please". Urgh. It made me despair. That this is considered such a problem that it's a GENERIC relationship problem????!!! What has happened to young men and women?????!!!!!

Re your daughter, I recommend holding forth for hours and hours about what she should expect from a boyfriend so that she knows in her own mind what is okay and what is not okay. Don't leave it to chance. I talk to my children loads about their possible future lives as spouses. I think cos my Mum didn't. Abster x

Mephitis said...

Eurgh. What utter crap! How can the response to that letter be "don't nag"?!


I used to like More when I was a teen, oh dear.