Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Schmorts Day

The children's sports day was a fun event. Well, I liked watching the races, anyway, if the social aspect left me cold.

I wanted to buy a bun or something, but couldn't find my money, and I could've sworn I'd taken a couple of pounds with me. I'd deliberately put them aside for it. I searched my bag twice and then my pockets, to no end. I found the money hours later when I thought to try my jeans pocket. D'oh. I'd looked in my jacket and hooded top pockets, but totally missed my jeans. Still on the bright side, it saved me from the meringues.

One sour note was the very loud man behind me grumping about the behaviour of one of the children and saying he'd like to smack him one. It made me wild, especially as a. that child has special needs and b. I, or anyone around me, could've been that child's parent for all he knew, the gobshite. Perhaps he didn't know about the special needs, so maybe it would just look like poor behaviour to him, but eurgh. Another one for my shit-list.

One really nice thing was the ball game where said child was part of a team, and his absolute pleasure when he caught the ball and threw it back was palpable. It really made me smile, and his teammates were amazingly patient and inclusive of him, despite the other teams having finished way before them. Warmed me cockles, it did.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like last year, with my son being the special needs one having tantrums all over the place and drawing everyone's attention, and me wishing the ground would swallow him and me up whole. :( I'm tempted to avoid the whole thing this year. Abster x

ellie said...

Went to my last sports day last week, as my son is moving up to high school. I'll really miss that aspect of primary school life, the niceties - now that chapter is closing.
Enjoy it to the full while you can.

ellie said...

Just read the above comment by Abster, that is so heart wrenching. None of my business but you shouldn't be made to feel like you have to hide - you both have a right to the support to help him enjoy it.

Mephitis said...

Abs, I hope if you go/went it isn't/wasn't as bad as you fear(ed). There was positive stuff going on with the child I mention, if you read the last paragraph? So while the idiot man was an admitted carbuncle on the arse of life, the children and most of the adults understood and were supportive.

Ellie, must be a bit of a wrench, the move up to big school.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ellie. I'm torn about going this year. Maybe I should. I just spent the day last year arguing with the one to one helper who was convinced my son "couldn't cope" and I kept saying "Just try". He did take part, in quite a few of the sports! So there, one to one helper. I just want to go as a parent and observe though, not instantly end up in a battle of wills with the one to one helper. I really *hate* the way a child having a tantrum makes all eyes stare at him and at me, as if everyone's waiting for me to have a meltdown back. I don't. But I hate hate hate being the centre of attention. I just want to blend in. I quite like the idea of children being in high school and not needing to be there at the school gate all the time. Abster x