Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've been constructing a list of ideas for ways for us to occupy ourselves over the summer holiday:
library, beach, country walks, biking, museums, cinema, local fetes & events, camping, day-trips, swimming, wood-working, experiments, play-dates, art & crafts projects and gardening. We've tickets for the theatre and hope to see the Dr Who exhibition at Lands End. There are council-provided sports activities that I'll probably send them off to as well.

In Barbie's 2006 annual, which has somehow re-emerged from ignoredsville, her ideas for the holidays are "Monday is for beauty, Tuesday is for chat, Wednesday is for spa, Thursday is for shopping, Friday is for hanging out". Why, thank you, Barbie.

My next idea for the holiday: Wednesday is for burning Barbie on a pyre.


Anonymous said...

You could come to London and do all the fun free London things. That's what I'm doing but it's always fun to show people around who are not from London. Lee and I could bunk up with the children and you and your children would then have our double bed, or the children have the double bed and you could stay in the living room. Just a thought. Abster x

Mephitis said...

It'd be lovely but I can't scrape the cashews together - even with (not-so)fun-fares on the coach it'd be £60 to get up there. The children want to try camping this year so our outlay has been directed towards the family tent and bits.

If you're still where you are in the autumn we'll try to get up at half-term or perhaps a random weekend :).