Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The stupid it burns

People are weird.

On the one hand, we have the fact the economy and government generally are in a bit of a mess. The people in charge of all this, the people with the power, are predominantly white, middle-to-upper class men. Yet to show outrage at the state of things, some of the electorate voted for the BNP.

Yes, everything would be hunky-dory if it wasn't for those naughty immigrants, taking the jobs 'we' don't want and clearly managing hedge-funds & mortgages etc terribly badly in their spare time.


Greg said...

I have often thought that demonstrable stupidity should be a Capital offence.


Anonymous said...

Wellllllllllll.... I do know of at least one of these "blood on their hands" City types who are immigrants, an American family living in London, enormous house, kids all in private education. And now he's been laid off they're off to their fabulous new house in Texas which they cleverly bought *just before* the Credit Crunch, how clever of them! And it's only one of three of the houses they own, what what. If there were a political party that stopped smug people like this family I know rubbing their enormous wealth in my face, I'd vote for them. The way I feel right now. Harrumph.

Anonymous said...

That was Abster by the way. I forgot to look up this blog cos you didn't write it for ages and then I only figured out about your boy's broken arm from that other social networking site you frequent! No posts from you on this blog and then three come along at once! My children wish your son well, they were sorry to hear of his vain feather-chasing travails. Abster x

Mephitis said...

Yes, :). Hi Greg.

Hey Abs. Trying to be brief left too many loopholes, dagnamit :D... But rich Americans probably aren't the immigrants the BNP wants to repatriate 'voluntarily' :). Perhaps they'd be seen as having come home?! Hehe.

Boooo to the rich Americans with too many houses!

Sorry for being a bit hit-and-miss with the blogging etc.

ellie said...

Our local Green candidate polled half of what the BNP did, but higher than the National Front. Horrible demonstration of voter priorities.

ellie said...

I mean it's horrible that the Green party are seen as being less relevant than the BNP that is, not horrible that they polled more than the NF!