Monday, June 01, 2009


If your neighbour trims your hedge, should you feel grateful or reproved?


ellie said...

I had this dilemma a while back when I was cleaning the top light above the front door and noticed my neighbour's (we share a garden) top light could do with a clean. In the end I didn't, because I thought I might offend them.

Feel grateful definitely, they sound like good neighbours.

Mephitis said...

I should probably feel grateful, you're right, but I also feel a bit got at. Perhaps I should make some concerted efforts to get the front garden something like. I don't want to be the shabby neighbour bringing the house-prices down :)!

canadian sadie said...

I'd go with grateful. But I'm also keen on them bringing in my bins on trash day.

Bake them some banana bread or the like, and then even if they intended it as a reprimand, they have no choice but to be cordial about it. Suckers.

AND you have nicely trimmed hedges! You win.