Monday, June 01, 2009

Cameo broached

It doesn't sit well with me that apparently Mike Tyson has a cameo in a comedy film, The Hangover. Perhaps it would be unfair not to allow for the rehabilitation of his public persona: perhaps the rape conviction, ear-biting and so forth should be allowed to shimmer mirage-like into the past.

It does worry me that celebrities can make comeback after comeback, and apparently we forget or forgive their most extreme lows and crimes even.

It's fortunate that it's not the kind of film that would appeal to me anyway, I guess.

finished: The First Casualty


ellie said...

I'm mystified too, the Guardian ran an interview with him a while back, and they didn't exactly challenge him.

Mephitis said...

Yes, the past's like a shaken etch-a-sketch.