Monday, March 02, 2009

What's yours is mine and what's mine is me own

Numbers is a series I usually quite like, although its premise gets stretched beyond breaking point at times and it's formulaic, etc etc. I like formulaic sometimes, quite often even... However, the most recent episode I saw really pissed me off.

The FBI are trying to track a killer who is trying to win an internet computer game, by popping off his real-life opponents.

Charlie is told by his girlfriend that she also plays the game with a group of online friends, and this is where the programme got my goat: his attitude is mind-boggling, really. It's not that he's afraid for her, initially: it's that he gets jealous and acts weird because he didn't know that she played the game or about the online group, and he's hurt that she didn't invite him to play along as well.

Like you become someone's partner and you are instantly informed about their every movement and every hobby, and if you're not and not immediately included, there's something wrong. His little genius friend (who was in Ally McBeal and whose name escapes me), is no better, suggesting almost at once that maybe she has an online thing going with one of her gamer-friends.

How about smacking him upside the head and demanding why he thinks he owns her entire life and must know every trivial detail instead, the controlling nosy nob-end?

Then of course, he forbids the FBI to involve her any further in the catching of the murderer, as though he has the right to make those decisions for her, plot twists follow, she disobeys and gets involved and ends up a damsel in distress. It all ends grandly while she boohooes on his shoulder.



Anonymous said...

Well, if she's just a woman, I don't see why anyone would let her be her own person... :) lol. That plot line sounds absolutely pathetic, I'm very glad I didn't see it!

Mephitis said...

Hello :D. It was a bad episode alright.

It quite surprised me, as Numbers has these ostensibly strong & clever female characters working in the police dept and uni campus, and yet they still end up in need of rescue and only there to be pretty...