Monday, March 09, 2009

This will change your life

This leaflet amused me with its hyperbolic claims. When I first saw it, I presumed Jehovah's Witnesses or some such had been round. But no, on proper reading, I found that it was part of a recruitment drive for a local choral group.

Join a choir, it'll change your life!

I've heard such claims relating to religions and fad-diets before, but never a singing group. Choirs are obviously cultier* than I realised.

* This word employed since it works in Lexulous, haha.


Anonymous said...

Cultier is NOT a WORD! You've fooled a computer, that's easily done, doesn't make it a valid word. Harrumph! I joined a choir once and met a Christian and then I knew someone to take me to Christian Union in college, so in a tenuous, cheating sort of way you could say it changed my life? :) Otherwise, joining a choir, yes... it's lovely, but not life-changing so I harrumph in full accord with your harrumph. Abster x

Mephitis said...

Mwhahaha, I shall force cultier into the language, you see if I don't. :D

Anonymous said...

You managed to get your acronym ETA added to an entire website of people - so your power to influence language is great, O wise one! Recently I think someone quoted me when they said "There, I said it." But that might not be me. And my attempt to get "Attention Jezebel" as an alternative to "Attention-wh*re" just never took off. *sigh* Abster x