Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thinks of Lynx

It's a curious thing, those Lynx adverts. Which are ludicrously sexist (but it's 'all in good fun', so hur-hur-hur). The one with the stick-thin women who lose their outer garments when looked at by weedy bloke makes me feel a bit ill. Not helped by his posing pouch towards the end. Urgh.

It struck me that probably a large portion of Lynx products would actually be bought by women as stocking-filler type gifts. I also imagine that the greater proportion of day-to-day shopping would be bought by women, so deodorants and smellies for husbands and teenage sons probably are bought with the weekly or monthly shop. Are the Lynx ad people unaware of this, or are many women just numbed by the continuous deluge of sexism in the media?

Hair dyes for men are marketed differently to women's as well, although presumably the exact same products. One of the the ads has two daughters telling their dad it's time he got dating and new hair colour will get him a woman. The ones marketed to women tend to be all about not showing your age and looking young/healthy. The fruit for picking, I guess, as opposed to the picker.


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Anonymous said...

Apparently, according to Charlie Brooker, men don't buy *anything* which is why so many adverts show them as stupid clods who can't get anything right. It's meant to appeal to the rolling-eyed women demographic (not something I belong to). I think adverts are evil and try and turn the sound down when the children are watching. Abster x