Monday, March 23, 2009

Smothers fray

Mother's Day is a bit shit, if you ask me.

I liked the cards my children made me and the flowers they picked. The chocolates were nice. My children, they are sunshine and fairylights and laughter...

The slightly singed croissants for breakfast were a bit of a disappointment, but well, the cook was only 39. He's usually an excellent cook but seems to have a blindspot when it comes to croissants.

Our unexpected financial crisis pretty much sucked, as did finding my gran and her bathroom in a, er, fragrant state.

It took her an hour to realise who I was, however, which sucked more.

I won't go on any further to catalogue anything else that bummed me out and fucked me off yesterday, as it'll make me weep self-indulgently again.

The best part of the day was Supernatural and retiring to bed again.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it. Email me? Abster xx

Twizi said...

At least you had a mother's day whether it was burnt croissants and a card and choccies it's better than what I got.... which was absolutely nothing.

Mephitis said...

I wasn't really bemoaning the singed croissants, just poking fun at 'em :). The bits at home with my little family were great really, it was everything else that day that was sad-making.

Sorry yours was rubbish/non-existent.