Monday, January 05, 2009


Well, it's 2009 and I've been a bit slack with regard to wishing readers happy new years and all that, for which I beg pardon.

And in what passes for real life, it hasn't been much better. We bought Christmas cards, but unfortunately failed to send any. Again. I'm sure that's a recurring theme each year.

Excuses and self-justifying follows: I had a Christmas job that ate my time and desire to use computers away almost completely, and had me scuttling off to bed ridiculously early most nights. It did give me some guffaws and people-watching opportunities, as I offered here. I overheard some wonderful conversations and some mind-boggling ones. One I particularly enjoyed was two men in their late fifties/early sixties explaining to a teenager how bowls is no longer an old man's sport... Her expression was rather disbelieving.

Now for a post-mortem on 2008's book list.

I read 65 books, or at least started to read that many. I abandoned 3 cos I couldn't get along with them. I also still have four books on the go from 2008, which haven't made the list as they are neither finished nor am I willing yet to declare them abandoned, (although I've been "in the middle of" the Illuminatus trilogy and Tender is the Night for months...)

I'm quite pleased with the variety of books I read: it wasn't just novels, which are my usual staple. I also read some non-fiction and an autobiography - I'm branching out, me! I'm also rather pleased with myself for reading quite a number of "classics" in order to stretch myself and enable me to fill in those book memes with read that, read that, read that, falalala.


Anonymous said...

I decided to underline the books in list of "Most Popular Books in 2008" from the Guardian, thinking I would have loads. I had three. And two of them were by the same author (Barack Obama) and the other one was *(hangs head in shame)* The Highway Code. That triumph of literature, the Highway Code!

I didn't notice you didn't send cards, so don't worry, really. :) I never mind. I have one Scottish friend/acquaintance who takes it all very seriously, but caring about what cards you get seems very old-ladyish to me. Life's too short.

Anonymous said...

That was Abster that was.